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(These are darker on my computer than they are on my phone, so sorry if you can’t see some of them.)

1. The truck where it landed. The front end was really fucked up, but that was all.

2. The far side of the neighbors’ driveway. There used to be two mailboxes and that used to be a solid concrete curb.

3. Where the missing section of concrete ended up. If you can’t see the picture, there’s a couple of feet long slab of concrete wedged up under the PT Cruiser, which belongs to our neighbor.

4. The Cruiser. It was parked straight in the driveway, and got pushed up over the curb and turned 90 degrees when the truck hit it.

5 & 6. Large sections of bark cracked and missing from the tree.

Overall, we’re very lucky that the tree was there, as the landlord had planned to get it cut down last spring. My step-mother and my dad are actually kind of disappointed that he didn’t hit her car, since it’s falling apart and insurance wouldv’e helped if it had been damaged.